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East Mountain Municipal Court

East Mountain Municipal Court is located at City Hall at 103 Municipal Dr., Gilmer, TX 75645

You may contact the court by phone at 903-297-6041 

Court Hours

Monday - Thursday  8am to 4:30 pm

Friday - CLOSED

  • If you have questions regarding your citation, please wait at least 48 hours after receiving your citation (to ensure the court has received and entered the citations into our computer system) before you call.  

  • IMPORTANT:  Only the person whose name appears on the citation (or a licensed attorney with a letter of representation) can enter a plea or call the court regarding your citation.

  • If you fail to appear or submit a plea on or before your court date, the following can occur:

    • an additional Violate Promise to Appear citation can be issued

    • warrants for your arrest can be issued

    • a hold may be placed on the renewal of your driver's license

Plea options:


  • No Contest with Driver's Safety Course (DSC)
    This plea means you are "not contesting" the offense and are requesting to take a Driver's Safety Course in lieu of paying the full fine.  

  • Guilty
    Entering this plea means that you are admitting to the offense as charged. You will be required to pay the applicable fine plus all court costs.  A guilty plea could affect your insurance rates and you're driver's license.  

  • No Contest (or Nolo Contendre)
    This plea means that you are “not contesting” the offense. You are not admitting that you committed the offense nor are you denying it either. However, you understand that you will still be responsible for paying the applicable fine plus all court costs.  

  • Not Guilty
    When you enter this plea, you are stating to the court that you believe you are innocent of the charge and you wish to have your case placed on the trial docket. You must appear before the Judge if you wish to plea not guilty and request a bench or jury trial.

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